Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you give Free Estimates?

A: Yes! There is no charge to meet with our consultant at your home. We will take measurements, discuss your wants and needs, and quote you an estimated price (or prices, if there are different options to consider). With products such as windows and doors, an exact price can usually be given on the first estimate. When it comes to larger projects such as kitchens or additions, a price range will be estimated for the project. Because of the extensive work we have to do on our end to come up with an exact price, design, proposal, a small retainer may be asked for before we proceed. This is usually a few hundred dollars, and the money does get applied to your balance.

Q: What does your "2 Year Workmanship Warranty" cover?

A: Since we opened our doors in 1993, we have offered all of our customers a Workmanship Warranty. If, down the line, anything goes wrong, give us a call and we will take care of it. Most repairs are free, unless the cause is unrelated to our workmanship, or just a part of regular maintenance. To change a lightbulb, for instance, we would charge you a minimal fee. Our window breakage warranty covers the replacement of window glass for any reason, even if your son throws a baseball through it. If the repair we make includes a drywall repair, we do not cover the cost of repainting the wall afterwards.

Q: What time frame can I expect for my project?

A: Plan ahead! These projects, especially large ones, do not get completed in 48 hours like in the TV shows. Especially if you are ordering custom products which can take several weeks to be fabricated and then shipped to our facility. Out of respect to your household, we never begin tear out on a project until all of the materials have arrived. Take a look at this diagram to see how the time frame usually goes for a Kopke project.

Q: I see you moved. Do you still service St. Clair Shores and the Grosse Pointes?

A: Yes and Yes! We did not move away from the east side, we moved toward new customers on the west side, positioning ourselves right in the middle!

Q: Do you service the city of Detroit?

A: At this time, we do not service Detroit.

Q: I see you do pretty much everything. What services don’t you offer?

A: The services we do not offer are: window repairs, glass replacement, chimney repairs, roof repairs, bathtub re-glazing. (We do make exceptions for Past Customers).

Q: Do you offer financing?

A: We do. Ask your consultant and he/she will go over your options with you.

Q: How long has Kopke been in business?

A: Kopke Home Enhancement, Inc. opened it’s doors on Jefferson Avenue in St. Clair Shores on January 1, 1993. in 1996, we moved to 29927 Harper, then in 2003 we moved just down the street 29325 Harper. In Summer of 2013, we made the leap to Sterling Heights – acquiring the largest showroom we’ve ever had, as well as closer proximity to a wider client base.

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© 1993 – 2019 Kopke Remodeling & Design, Inc.
© 1993 – 2019 Kopke Remodeling & Design, Inc.

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