Kopke's Handyman Services

"I had a job done by your handyman today. Pat was very nice and thorough and made me feel like he was doing only what needed to be done and not taking me for more. Finding a reliable handyman is very hard these days...I’m sure I'll be calling you again."
Sally H.
Go ahead, make your list of things around the house that you keep putting off. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how little it costs to get so much done.

Believe it or not, everyone needs a Handyman!

Stop putting off your to-do list, or your honey-do list, and give us a call. EVERY customer that has used our handyman services has called us back again to do more. The most common comment is "I wish I had called sooner".

Why should you pay to have us do something that you can do yourself? Well, lets just say...because it will be worth it. Once you see how easy it is to get things done by making a phone call, it (calling us) may become your new hobby.
Some ideas: ceiling fans, bathroom exhaust fans, recessed lights, new switches and plugs, tiled backsplash, painting, moldings, doors, shutters, railings, grab bars, tile repairs, caulking, glass seal failure replacement, new faucets, reverse osmosis, instant hot, brick repairs, etc.

Have something unusual? Just call our office at 586-777-6633.
© 1993 – 2019 Kopke Remodeling & Design, Inc.
© 1993 – 2019 Kopke Remodeling & Design, Inc.

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