Dave Kopke – President/CEO/Owner – Email

Dave Kopke Bio PhotoDave founded the company in late 1992, and got everything up and running January 1st, 1993. Our first office was at 10 Mile Rd. and Jefferson, in St. Clair Shores. Before creating Kopke, he was a salesperson at another home improvement company for 6 years, earned a BA in Business Administration, and worked in retail management prior to beginning his home improvement career. His current duties include planning the future direction of the company, creating annual budgets, developing manuals for all procedures, and creating standard installation sstems for all types of projects. His favorite part of his job is reading customer testimonies. “I get a real kick out of seeing before and after pictures, and seeing customers express sincere appreciation for our efforts.” Dave’s professional strengths are many, but they include hard work, consistency, open communication, compassion, and vision. His hobbies include golfing, fishing, investing, reading non-fiction, watching movies, bowling, having bonfires, going on vacations, volunteering, and home projects.

Alan Seeley – Vice President – Email

Alan Seeley Bio PhotoAlan first started in remodeling as a teen, helping his Uncle Mike with his construction business, where he was able to learn the foundations of the craft. He later took various jobs as a tradesman in construction, and as a sales representative for various companies in the Metro Detroit area. During this time, he witnessed a lot of deceit towards customers and fellow workers, including cutting corners and mismanagement. The main things that these companies had in common were lots of short-cuts and a “caulk fixes everything” mentality. He learned more of “what not to do” than he learned what was right to do.
He immersed himself into each company he worked for, personally meeting with customers, figuring many estimates, managing some of the projects, and even answering phone calls. Learning from these companies’ mistakes, he felt compelled to teach his approach toward customer satisfaction and employee gratification to others.
Alan opened a consulting company in 2010, where he brought training to contractors and their employees. Many organizations he consulted with wished to hire him full-time, but Alan’s passion for helping and developing kept him from accepting any offers. Until, he found out from his wife that they were about to have their second child. She expressed to Alan that she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom for both of their daughters. There was opportunity everywhere for Alan to obtain a full time position, but two things brought him to Kopke. First, he found that this company’s owner, Dave Kopke, was 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction, and had the willingness to grow. Fate led to the second reason why Alan chose Kopke: his youngest daughter was born on the same day as Dave.

Laura Kopke

Bio PhotoLaura began working for Kopke along side her husband Dave, at the very beginning, in 1993. Before that (and ever since) she focused on raising her two beautiful daughters, one of which is now our bookkeeper! She is our Showroom Manager, which means she works very hard to make sure everything in the showroom is up to the standards we like to keep for our clients, and she helps with ordering supplies and various other duties. Her favorite part of work is all of the interactions with our wonderful staff, she’s always teaming up with someone to work on various exciting projects. Her strengths are her organization and communication skills. Her hobbies include golfing, euchre, and spending time with her daughters. She also loves to spend time up north at her cottage.

Kayla Jeffries – Bookkeeper – Email

Kayla Jeffries Bio PhotoKayla has been working for Kopke on and off since 2003, when she was in high school and would help out on summer vacations. She became full time after graduating from the College for Creative Studies in 2011. Her job now is to process sold jobs and change orders, do payroll, collect payments from customers, etc. In the past, she has done our marketing, photography, and social media. Her favorite part of work is being around her family every day, both blood family and the employees that have been with the company since the beginning. Her hobbies include cooking, alternative process photography, traveling, and estate sales. “If you have any questions about the remodeling process, come visit us in Sterling Heights. We are a treasure trove of knowledge and advice!”

Ron Superson – Design Consultant – Email

Bio PhotoRon started working for us in late 2016, after many years as both a licensed contractor and a financial planner. His job is to meet with customers and potential clients, both at their homes and in our showroom, to provide remodeling consultations, preliminary designs and elevations, and proposals. His favorite part of work is meeting new people and taking on challenging projects. His history as a licensed contractor is a major strength in his daily work, and his history as a financial planner helps with budgeting projects with clients. His hobbies are hunting, camping, and golfing.

Curt Goebel – Interior Production Manager – Email

Curt Goebel Bio PhotoCurt joined the company in the summer of 2001, but before that he owned his own kitchen remodeling company for 11 years. His responsibilities as Production Manager include customer relations, scheduling jobs, and managing all of our projects. His favorite part of work is seeing happy customers at the end of their project. His strengths include all of his previous experience and knowledge, and his ability to multitask, which is incredibly important because we always have a lot of remodeling jobs going on simultaneously. His hobbies include riding his Harley, camping, gardening, making beer (which everyone at Kopke LOVES), and putzing around the house.

Brandon Hill – Director of Design and Specifications – Email

Brandon Hill Bio PhotoBrandon is super old school, he has been with us since 1998! Before joining us, he earned an AAS in Building Construction, a BA in Business Management, a State of Michigan Builders License, and even had his own home improvement company for a bit. In the past, he has done design, estimates, and sales for Kopke, but is currently the Director of Design and Specifications, which means he is the one purchasing all of the products for each remodeling job. His favorite part of work is interacting with all of our clients and staff to develop projects that exceed their expectations, and his professional strength is over 40 years of experience under his belt. His hobbies are golfing and fishing.

Patricia Pappas – Marketing – Email

Patricia Pappas Bio PhotoPatricia joined the Kopke family in early 2017, after a long career in the paralegal field. She is one of the main lines of communication between customers and the rest of the office. She provides various customer service needs on a daily basis, and schedules all appointments for our consultants to meet with clients. She is a liaison between customers and consultants from the very beginning through the whole process. Her favorite part of her job is addressing customer concerns and helping to resolve them, along with maintaining a proper flow of communication throughout the company. Her hobbies include competitive ballroom dancing, kickboxing, animal rights, and indigenous people rights and activism.

Halina Triest – Designer – Email

Halina Triest Bio PhotoHalina Started working for Kopke in October 2015, and before that has accumulated over a decade of experience in commercial and residential architectural design and document preparation. Her job is to provide spatial design solutions for interior and exterior residential remodeling projects represented through 2-d and 3-d drawings. Her favorite part of work is the unique process that each project undergoes when the needs and desires of the client are combined with aesthetics, practicality and unlimited possibilities. Her hobbies include gardening, travel and nature exploration, martial arts, sewing, and other crafts. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture from the Lawrence Technological Institute.

Darren Johnson – I.T. & Pricing – Email

Darren Johnson Bio PhotoDarren has been with the company since late 2013, with a background in programming, computers, and the foodservice industry. His main responsibility is our one-man IT department, making sure all of our computers and the LED sign at the showroom are in tip-top shape. He also helps Rachel in the Pricing department. His favorite part of work is using his programming skills to make others’ jobs easier and more efficient. He considers his professional strengths to be finding new and efficient approaches to existing tasks, problem solving, and critical thinking. His hobbies include kayaking, video games, biking, programming, and camping.

Ann Reiterman – Pricing – Email

Bio PhotoAnn joined the company in the Fall of 2017 as part of our Pricing Department. She is responsible for taking client ideas and pricing them within their budget to help dreams become reality. Her favorite part of her job is helping clients to have the vision they are seeking at a price that fits her needs. In her off time she enjoys spending time with her family and her dog, Fudge. Her hobbies include baking, gardening, reading, and scrapbooking.

Dale Dexter – Exterior Production Manager – Email

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Sam Imig – Installer

Bio PhotoSam has been an installer for Kopke since 2011, and also had his own remodeling business before joining us. He is a master tradesman and a finish carpenter, and his job duties include training our new installers. His favorite part of work is problem solving on the jobsite, customer support, technical challenges, and working with others in his field. His strengths are excellent customer appreciation, maintaining a safe working environment, and relying on his skills to perform any task for customer satisfaction. His hobbies include motorcycles, playing guitar, and industrial art. He is also a new dad!

Scott Kovary – Installer

Bio PhotoScott has been an installer since fall 2016. Before joining us, he has held various remodeling jobs for 22 years, including 11 years of insurance remodeling, specifically. His job duties include any and all jobsite work, and his favorite part of that is seeing the customer’s reactions to our quality work on their homes. His strengths include finish carpentry, selective demolition, alterna tiles, drywall, and painting. His hobbies include video games, comics, sci-fi anything, and being a storehouse of useless knowledge.

Julie Tunney – Administrative Assistant – Email

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Rebecca Maybee – Design Consultant – Email

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Richard de Fauw – Design Consultant – Email

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Vince Daguanno – Installer

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Mike Farmer – Design Consultant – Email

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Mike Porea – Installer

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Mike Kuhle – Installer

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Alex Stokes – Installer

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Nick Parrish – Driver

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Joe Mullas – Installer

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