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What is a Realistic Time Frame for Your Remodeling Project?

Is it too late to get your kitchen or bathroom remodeled in time for the holidays?  If you haven’t signed your contract already, probably.

Major home remodels take time, especially if you want them done right.

Here are some guidelines that are realistic:

Standard Bathroom (not gutted) with fixtures and tile replacement, etc. in same locations – 3 weeks

Add…. 2 weeks for custom shower doors – measured after tile
…………3 weeks for solid surface/granite/quartz countertops – templated
…………2 weeks if permits are involved – inspection delays
…………1 week if gut job – drywall, insulation
…………1 week if rearranging fixtures – plumber
…………1 week if adding framing for new shower, etc.
…………2 weeks if all decisions are not made prior to closing

Standard Kitchen with cabinet/counter replacement in same locations – 3 weeks

Add…..2 weeks if major electrical
…………1 week if soffits are being removed – re-route of hidden items
…………1 week if floor is getting done
…………3 weeks for solid surface/granite/quartz countertops – templated
…………1 week if tiling backsplash – can’t do until after solid surface
…………1 week if permits involved – inspection delays
…………1 week if removing walls, etc.
…………1 week if moving plumbing and/or rearranging the working triangle
…………2 weeks if all decisions are not made prior to closing

(Some of the times will run concurrently, but not all!)

Here at Kopke Remodeling & Design, we do mostly custom work and very little run-of-the-mill standard replacements.  Custom work is beautiful, but it takes extended time to get it done perfectly to our standards. By insuring that everything is meticulously measured, done correctly and in the right sequence, we are able to offer our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on all of our work, and have since we opened our doors in 1993.

We also have a policy of not starting tear-out until all products have arrived in our warehouse.  This way, we eliminate the risk of leaving your house torn-up and kitchen or bathroom unusable for longer than it needs to be.  In our experience, starting a job sooner does not help it get finished any sooner.

Meet with a Kopke Remodeling representative to discuss a realistic time frame for your next kitchen or bathroom remodeling project – Call 586-777-6633 today!

Health Hazards During Home Remodeling

Many of the homes built prior to 1978 have asbestos and paint with lead in it. Lead-containing paint, dust, and chips may present significant health risks if not handled correctly. A federal law from 1996 forces disclosure to anyone buying, renting, or remodeling this type of housing. The seller must disclose any information regarding the use of lead paint prior to selling the property.

People can be exposed to lead in a number of ways. Statistics show that about one out of ten American children have unhealthy levels of lead in their bodies. Lead can enter the body when people place their hands over their mouths, if they have lead dust on them. It can also enter if anyone eats soil or paint chips that have lead in them, or inhales lead dust while renovating a home.

Children face more danger from lead exposure because their growing bodies are absorbing more lead. Their nervous system and brain are also not fully developed, and are more subject to the toxic hazards of lead. Children exposed to lead may suffer damage to their brains and nervous system, headaches, hearing problems, learning problems, and behavior problems.

Adults can also suffer damage from lead exposure. Pregnant women may be endangered by lead exposure. Adults can also have digestive problems, memory and concentration problems, high blood pressure, and joint and muscle pain.

Lead is especially a danger for people who are renovating older homes. It can be released as dust in the air when lead-painted surfaces are disturbed.

Some precautions include having your home tested for lead paint. Do not use anything that will create a large amount of dust, for example, dry scrapers, propane torches, heat guns, or belt sanders. The dust generated can linger in your home for a good time.

You could also move your family from the home temporarily until the work is completed. This is a particularly good idea if you have children or pregnant women in your household. At a minimum, be sure to seal off the area being remodeled to prevent possible exposure to lead dust.

Another possible source of lead exposure is pipes that have lead soldering. If you suspect that is the case in your home, you can have it tested. Lead is odorless and tasteless. If you suspect lead in your plumbing, use only cold water until you can have it tested.

Asbestos is another potential hazard when remodeling your home. Asbestos is a material that was used in insulation and other building materials in the past. Inhaling asbestos fibers can cause diseases and certain cancers, such as mesothelioma.

Asbestos is typically not used in new construction these days, but is a concern with older homes and old materials containing the substance. There is no way to detect it as a layperson, so contact a professional for testing if you suspect it is in your home. Disturbing it during your renovations can cause asbestos fibers to go airborne and be inhaled.

-Brian Turner, Toxic Substance Safety Advocate,

Debunking the $4,000 Kitchen

Above are some ads from our local competitors.  There are also billboards around our area advertising complete Kitchen Remodels for less than $4,000!  Please do not be tricked into thinking that this is true.  Here at Kopke, we do not believe in “tricking our customers”, or advertising outrageously low prices and then raising the price later on. Our AVERAGE kitchen remodel ranges from $27,000 to $35,000.  Of course some are much less, and some much more, depending on the level of extravagance desired. Call us today for an accurate quote!  586-777-6633