Case Study: Repeat Customer in Fraser

At Kopke, we’ve always been so proud of our high customer retention rate. We came up with the tagline “Your Remodeler for Life” because once you hire us, you wont have to search for another contractor ever again! We want to do such a good job that you tell your family and friends about us. Repeat customers and referrals are the bread and butter of our business.

Steve & Sue Kloosterboer hired us for a Master Bathroom remodel in 2014.

“Installation crew was awesome – in particular Curt, Sam & Jake were a huge help to us. Excellent craftsmanship & communication. They were friendly, tidy, flexible and provided great ideas too! Completely trusted them. Thank you for creating such a beautiful, calm & stress-free zone, I feel like I am at a 5-star hotel when I slip into my master suite.” – Sue K., 2014

They then hired us for a Major Kitchen remodel with wall removal in 2016.

Sue posted regular updates on her Facebook page always complimenting our staff and saying how she missed them for the 2 years in between her bathroom and kitchen remodels and that we “felt like family” to her.

I visited her twice, once while photographing the bathroom, and once for the kitchen, and both times we sat and talked for over and hour about anything and everything. She was a photographer herself, specializing in sports photography. We became Facebook friends and would chat about life from time to time. However, Sue suffered from Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC) and sadly passed away in 2019 following a surgery.

Sue was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and SO LOYAL to Kopke, as made clear in one of my favorite quotes from her which I can totally hear in her voice!!

“[There was another company trying to earn our business, and] I said no thank you, but he wanted to send his best sales rep out this time; I told him there was no way, no discount, no nothing that would make me consider giving this kitchen job to anyone other than Kopke. I have now seen the installers work while noticing their strong work ethic, great attention to detail as well as being just plain nice people to have in your home.  So stop calling me as for now the only company for us is Kopke!  He did finally give up.  ;)” 
– Sue K., Fraser

Rest in Peace, Sue. I am so glad that we met and that Kopke was able to provide a relaxing retreat in your home to ease your pain, and a fabulous kitchen for you to bake delicious treats for your family.

June 12, 1957 – April 4, 2019