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Our Favorite Bathroom Accessory: Showerfloss

This shower accessory takes flossing to the next level! I am sure you are familiar with the Waterpik, a dentist-recommended way to floss between your teeth, using a thin stream of water at high pressure. I don’t know about you, but this has always sounded like a disaster waiting to happen in my bathroom. Regular flossing never really managed to make the transition from “goal” to “habit” for me either. When our family discovered Showerfloss, however, our lives were changed!

We have installed the Showerfloss system in both bathrooms at my parents house, and at both mine and my sister’s houses. Our mouths look and feel cleaner, and we’ve even noticed a decline in the reprimanding from our Dentists. ????

We’d love to share this product with everyone. We just bought a case of them, and will be giving away a free Showerfloss with every Bathroom remodel until they are gone. How’s that for a fun surprise!

Have a bathroom that needs to be remodeled? Why not have us out for a free consultation. Call (596) 777-6633 to get the ball rolling today!

Windows with Blinds Between the Glass: Pros and Cons

Windows and doorwalls with blinds between the glass are a fairly recent invention, one that we at Kopke Remodeling have fully embraced. However, while researching them online, I found some negative opinions on such products (articles arguing that the cons outweigh the pros). Here at Kopke, we LOVE blinds between the glass, and would recommend them to everyone! Not only do we think they are nice in theory, we have employees who have lived with them for 6+ years. Therefore, this article serves to dispel any and all such negative opinions.

The window/door brands we carry that offer blinds in between the glass are Pella, Jeldwen and Sunrise. I’m sure others exist, but these are the few we will concentrate on today. The most common brand we sell is Pella.

When you are dealing with double-pane windows, the blinds exist between the two panes, which negates the possibility of filling this cavity with argon gas, which helps with insulation. This is one of the main reasons people shy away from blinds between the glass. However, when you opt for triple-pane windows, which are most common nowadays, the blinds are nestled in between two of the panes, leaving room for argon gas between the other two. This is very common, and although the insulative properties might be slightly inferior to windows with argon gas in both cavities, it is extremely adequate, especially for Michigan climates.

Another supposed negative is that the blinds are inaccessible, if anything ever needs to be cleaned, un-kinked, or replaced, which simply is not true. With Pella windows, for example, the outside pane of glass is removable, which allows access to the blinds for repairs/replacements. All aforementioned companies also offer 10 year warranties on their blinds. If anything were to go wrong within 10 years, it could be easily fixed.

The price is another negative factor. However, we feel the blinds upgrade is extremely affordable. At approximately $200 a window, the cost is comparable to any other window treatments you might buy for your windows.

Here is a personal example: In my childhood home, I remember when my parents had a beautiful bay window installed facing the backyard. They went in search of window treatments and found some stylish, wooden, expensive blinds that they loved and some cheaper, vinyl, bearable blinds that they ultimately decided on (using price as the main deciding factor). These blinds were so noisy, hard to operate, and unattractive that my parents soon went back to the store and bought the more expensive wooden blinds. These were beautiful at first, but keeping them dust-free became part of our monthly home maintenance (much to the distaste of their teenage daughters). ???? Also, the cords were perpetually becoming tangled, having energetic cats at play.

In their next home, blinds between the glass was a no-brainer for my parents. With these blinds, there is no dusting, no tangled cords, and you are actually able to SEE the windows you just bought! With most traditional window treatments, your new windows are all covered up, and you are not able to enjoy looking at your new investment.

In all three window examples above, the blinds featured are raise & tilt metal mini blinds. These are our favourite, because they can be raised all the way up for a clear view out of the window. Tilt-only blinds work the same way, but they cannot be raised out of the way. Also available are cloth pleated shades. These come in 22 colors, some of which are billed as “room-darkening”. With these cloth shades, you can create a romantic atmosphere.

Okay, so now that you are convinced that blinds between the glass are the greatest thing since sliced bread, here is the offer I have for you! For the month of July, we are offering free blind upgrades for every other window! This will come out to about $100 off each window. (Offer includes: blinds between the glass/pleated shades/muttons, but excludes I.L.T.)

If you have any additional questions about windows and your available upgrades, call us at (586) 777-6633 or email me at

$10,000 Home Makeover Sweepstakes 2015

Congratulations to our Sweepstakes Winners for 2015!

$10,000 Worth of Remodeling in Your Home
Eddie Sander – Bloomfield Hills

FoodSaver Vacuum Seal Storage Kit
Susanne Hamilton – Troy

KitchenAid Hand Blender
Angela Knapp – Birmingham

Three Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Renee Williams – St. Clair Shores

Kopke Promotional Prize Pack
Cheryl McDonald – Warren

Metro Detroit Spring 2015 Home Improvement Shows

March 14-15 PONTIAC : ACS Spring Home Show

March 19 STERLING HEIGHTS : Macomb’s Business Expo

March 21 GROSSE POINTE FARMS Grosse Pointe Home & Lifestyle Expo

March 27-29 NOVI : Novi Home & Garden Show

This March we are traveling all over Metro Detroit to exhibit at these four events. Visit us at the show nearest you! We would love to meet you and get a discussion going about your next remodeling project. We will also have sign up slips at all the shows so you can enter this year’s $10,000 Home Makeover Sweepstakes.

In addition to the opportunity to meet us, these shows are also fabulous for getting ideas and inspiration, talking to other homeowners and home improvement companies, and collecting freebies such as pens and candy ???? We hope to see you there ????

[Most of these events are free to attend, but the Novi Show has a $10 admission charge. Complimentary passes are available at our Showroom (38200 Van Dyke. Sterling Heights) while supplies last.]