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Consulting Services

The Kopke Remodeling & Design team brings many years of experience to the table. We leverage that experience to offer a variety of expert consulting services.  Whether you need an assessment of a potential property and/or your existing home, or guidance with an insurance claim, we can help.  Here’s a list of available services. 100% of any fee for any service will be applied toward your project if your deposit and signed proposal are executed within 60 days of submitting of proposal review.  Here’s a list of available consulting services:

Should We Move or Improve?

Many of our clients struggle with the decision, “Should I move or improve?” It’s hard to know the potential of your home, what it might cost, and compare that to new or existing homes for sale. Most families love the neighborhood they live in and they don’t want to move, so a home renovation is likely the best option. But what about cost? Move or Improve includes a 60 to 90 minute meeting at your home to discuss ideas and concepts, and a professional recommendation of scope and budget range. We will also provide details of the Kopke Remodeling & Design process and the next steps should you decide to improve your existing home. $0.00 due at time of first meeting.

Full Home Assessment

You’ve decided you are NOT moving under any circumstances, but you have no idea how to approach a major home renovation project. How do you approach a bank or other financing institution? Should you build an addition, add a second floor, add a garage and or finish the basement? What will all this cost and what makes sense to invest in your home, based on similar homes in the neighborhood? Do you hire an architect and then find a contractor and hope for the best on budget, or do you collaborate with a Design/Build company? The experts at Kopke Remodeling & Design can help you with all of this. Full Home Assessment includes a 60 to 90 minute meeting at your home to discuss ideas and concepts, and a professional recommendation of scope and budget range. We will also provide details of the Kopke Remodeling & Design/Build process and next the steps to help you prepare for your project. Many clients upgrade to a feasibility study after receiving a preliminary home assessment. $0.00 due at time of first meeting.

Feasibility Study with Sketches & Budget

Kopke Remodeling & Design will conduct an on-site meeting to assess the possibilities of expanding and/or remodeling your home and sketch out a rough plan as a starting point for budget development. We will present a project recommendation with the sketches and a budget range once a showroom visit is made.  We are able to better formulate a tighter cost analysis once products are chosen.

Property or Land Assessment

Unfortunately we do not offer this service, with the high demand for selling homes and a limited amount of consultant’s we are unable to offer this service at this time. 

Project Quote from Blue Prints or Other Designs

If you’ve already hired an architect or kitchen designer and would like budgets or quotes from their designs and specifications, we offer a variety of options:

  • Preliminary opinion of cost – Home visit, review plans, ball park within 20% – $250.00
  • Rough project quote – Home visit, review plans, quote within 10%, allowances listed – $500.00
  • Refined project quote – Multiple home visits, sub trades visit job, careful assessment of all plans and specs, obtain quotes on materials, fixed price quote on project – $2,500.00

If you decide to sign with Kopke Remodeling & Design we will roll the estimated budget into a formal project development agreement and your refined project quote will be discounted from the final price.

Insurance Quotes

If you’ve experienced a flood, fire, or other home damage, you’ll be dealing with your insurance company—a potentially unpleasant experience. Your insurance company will generally provide a price to return your home to the state it was in before the damage, and it’s usually too low. You may opt to hire a professional independent adjuster and often we recommend this. In addition, however, you’ll want a professionally written scope of work and quote from a reputable contractor. An insurance quote includes a thorough home assessment, review of your insurance company’s scope and budget, and a professionally written scope and budget to complete the project. Fees range from $250.00 to $750.00 depending on the size and scope of the project.