Design Trend: Tuxedo Style Kitchen

In Royal Oak, Sharon, a loyal customer of Kopke Remodeling & Design, sought to update her kitchen inspired by the Tuxedo Style she discovered on Pinterest. She was concerned about its longevity but Tammy, the Kopke designer, assured her that with the right colors and layout, it would remain stylish.

“Multi-color cabinetry is always in-style if colors are chosen properly and the layout allows for a natural flow of the color. We chose to do the lower cabinets in satin black and the uppers in a satin bright white finish” explains Kopke designer Tammy.

They chose a bold yet balanced approach, painting the lower cabinets black and the uppers white. Black crown molding added a touch of sophistication, framing the cabinets elegantly. For the backsplash, they went with a neutral charcoal tile with a subtle pattern, ensuring it complemented the cabinetry without overwhelming the space.

The result is a modern kitchen that balances style and function, a testament to Kopke Remodeling & Design’s expertise in transforming spaces while honoring their clients’ visions. Sharon’s kitchen now boasts a timeless appeal, ready to serve as the backdrop for many memorable moments in Royal Oak.

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