Why Choose Kopke Remodeling & Design?

Kopke Remodeling & Design has several advantages over traditional companies. First, since the Designer/Architect and Kopke Remodeling & Design are working together from the beginning there is less room for misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the plans. Problems that do arise can be solved quickly and efficiently without the finger pointing and costs that occur in bid work. With Kopke Remodeling & Design there is a single point of contact and responsibility for the homeowner. Time and money are saved by eliminating the bid process. Projects move from design to construction much faster. With design, engineering and construction provided by one source we are better able to control design, quality, and cost.

What DO We Offer?

A. Award-winning design and construction
B. Over 30 years in business
C. Conveniently located in Sterling Heights
D. Professional certified remodeler
E. In-house designer
F. Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
G. Professional construction managers with history of completing jobs on time
H. Team of installers with full remodeling knowledge
I. Certified consultants with the State of Michigan

Is your Consultation Free?

Yes, we do not charge for the initial consultation in our design center (or your home). And after coming into our showroom and making your initial selections, we offer a free proposal. Once it is determined that there is a good fit between our company and your needs and you decide you want to proceed, a small deposit towards the design cost is required. The initial deposit goes toward your full designs, full 3D renderings and in most cases a virtual walk-through with our Oculus. The design deposit will be refunded upon going forward with Kopke Remodeling & Design. After the design phase is completed, you will be presented with a fixed cost remodeling proposal.

Do you come out to our house?

Yes, it is important for us to discuss your needs, wants, and budget. The purpose of the initial meeting is to establish a relationship and to demonstrate that we are the right company for your project. We will complete a full site evaluation and measurement of existing conditions.

What do I need for the initial consultation?

The most important thing for the homeowner to have is a definitive idea of what they want to accomplish with their project and a budget. A list of must haves and a wish list are also helpful. If we are doing an addition you should try and locate a copy of your building plot. It is a good idea to take a few digital pictures of the house and the areas you are considering remodeling. You may also want to start a project scrapbook of pictures you find online or in magazines. Color palettes, tile patterns, layout ideas, design styles. Save anything and everything that appeals to you! This will help us get a sense of your taste, and allow us to design a project to meet your needs.

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Why do all decision makers need to be present?

Quite simply, for clarity and efficiency. There are lot of decisions to make, even on the smallest project. We want to spend time on a design that everyone will be happy with. The remodeling of your house is a major decision, it is worth taking the time up front to be sure it is done the way you want. In the long run it will save everyone time and money.

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What will my project cost?

This is the most asked question and the hardest to answer. How much does a car cost? Or how much does a pair of jeans cost? Tastes vary from Old Navy to Niemen Marcus and from traditional (Levis) to flashy (Dolce and Gabbana). In our three decades in the remodeling industry we have focused on materials and design that provide value and quality regardless of the price point. This is where the Design/Build process thrives. The design is tailored to your budget from the very beginning. Every project is different, and we will do our best to work with your budget.

How do I determine my budget?

If you will be financing your project, give yourself a financial checkup and determine what kind of payment you are comfortable with. If considering a large addition or major remodel you may want to spend some time looking at how much a house with the features you want would cost. This will also help give you an idea of the return you can expect on your remodeling investment.

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How long does the remodeling process take?

There are many variables that determine how long a project will take. The start time is dependent on the specifics of the particular project and the availability of the selected materials. Generally we begin to work on your project shortly after the contract has been signed. We start by ordering items such as cabinets, windows and doors and obtaining necessary permits. Typically construction time for additions ranges between 12-16 weeks. Obviously the larger and more complex a job the longer it will take. In our experience the biggest factor in determining the completion date for a project is the homeowners ability to make timely decisions and meet our deadlines. We pride ourselves on meeting the construction schedule that we set for you during the design and development phase of the project. All customers receive a timeline booklet which allows them to follow along with best case and worst case scenarios when it comes to permit inspection lead time, vendor install lead time and mechanical subs.

Is the homeowner responsible for permits?

No, in most cases Kopke Remodeling & Design is responsible for securing all building permits. The homeowner may need to supply a property survey/plot plan of the home. In neighborhoods where parking permits are required it is the responsibility of the homeowner to obtain temporary parking passes. It is also wise to check with the homeowners association.

Who will be doing the work?

In addition to the project manager and the lead carpenter, there will be additional ADVANCED carpenters and craftsmen performing much of the work on the project. In our 30+ years of business we have assembled a core group of reliable and highly skilled people that we use. All plumbing, electrical and mechanical work will be performed by licensed and insured contractors. Other specialty contractors will be used when required for your project.

Who will be my contact throughout my project?

Once a proposal is signed, your consultant will have very little to do with purchasing and nothing to do with your install. Our in-house staff along with your project manager will be your contact. All correspondence involving your proposal should be directed through buildertrend.net, this is the best direct form of communication that is responsible for all aspects of your project. The project manager and inside staff work closely together to keep the job running efficiently. We have a purchasing department, pricing department and a design department to best service our customers and insure a timely remodeled project.

How are payments made for my remodeling project?

In your construction proposal terms and conditions, an initial deposit, and draws will be clearly outlined. Payments are divided up through even draws with a small amount due at completion. A deposit will be the first payment upon acceptance of a remodeling proposal. Thereafter, progress payments are outlined. Example: Your deposit would be used to purchase all of your products. Then, once we start your project, your first draw may be start of electrical, next may be start of cabinets, then start of counter-top and so on until we are at the smallest amount which will be the completion. By law we have to use your money to progress through your project, so these draws may sometimes come fast, but our customers understand and are ready for these progress payments.

Do You Offer Financing?

Yes! You can finance up to 40% of your project. We offer 0% Interest Financing with equal monthly payments for up to 36 months. Additionally we have 7.99% Financing for up to 120 months.

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