How Much Does Remodeling Cost in Southeast Michigan? (2012)

Yesterday one of my Salespeople came to me, frustrated, asking “How do we educate the public as to how much Remodeling projects cost?”  It is very often, from my understanding, that homeowners have skewed expectations of what it really costs to complete the project they are envisioning.  Whether it is HGTV programs showing super-cheap D.I.Y. fixes, billboards falsely advertising the complete $4,000 Kitchen, or a combination of both, it is my goal to help de-mystify the entire process.

Kitchens (Major) Kitchens (Minor) Bathrooms (Major) Bathrooms (Minor)
Low $13,962 $3,000 $8,499 $1,397
High $30,175 $9,196 $20,673 $11,276
Avg $22,825 $6,097 $13,265 $4,764
Additions Windows (Vinyl) Windows (Wood)
Low $10,600 $565 $1,384
High $63,304 $12,000 $57,511
Avg $28,669 $4,521 $11,186

Please note that this data is not indicative of the entire Detroit Metro Market, just jobs completed by Kopke Remodeling & Design in the year 2012.

As far as the windows are concerned, these numbers do not (for the most part) refer to an entire replacement of all windows in the home. Our customers often purchase a handful of windows at a time, sometimes even just 1.

These numbers are aimed to show you what other Southeast Michigan Homeowners like you are spending on their remodeling projects.

Click here to see enlarged charts of data from all categories.

You will notice that all categories have quite a large range.  For example, Kitchen remodels can range from 13,000 to 30,000.  These prices directly reflect the prices of the different items you choose to include in your project.  There is expensive tile, and there is inexpensive tile.  You can choose a laminate countertop, or go with Quartz.  So ultimately, you decide how much you want your project to cost based on the items you choose.  The size of the room is also a factor of course, as are different obstacles that are unique to each an every home, such as updating the plumbing or electrical.

 Thank you for reading!  As always, don’t hesitate to email me at advertising@kopkehome.com or call (586) 777-6633 with any additional questions you may have.  I will do the research and get them answered!