Kitchen Design Trend: Eliminating the Dining Room

This Clawson kitchen was fairly small, but by removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room and expanding the kitchen, we were able to have a lot more freedom with the design.

As you can see, by expanding the kitchen into the next room, we have actually GAINED seating space. And another window for more natural light!

In this Sterling Heights kitchen, the kitchen was small and tucked into a corner. By removing the wall between the kitchen and living room, and expanding the kitchen into the “dining room” area, we were able to completely transform this space into something really special.

If you have a small kitchen with an adjacent dining room, have you ever considered combining the two rooms for a more open concept? If you’re anything like me, it’s very hard to visualize a drastic change like this unless I can SEE it. That’s where Kopke comes in! We can draw up different design ideas and show you in 3D. Is it time to unlock the hidden potential in your kitchen/dining room? Give us a call at (586) 777-6633 or send us an email to get started.