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Our Mission Statement

"To maintain an excellent reputation in the community for honesty and integrity in business practices by providing such outstanding service, quality, and workmanship that clients proudly exclaim our abilities to others."

Reputation Is Everything

Ask around to relatives, friends, neighbors & coworkers and you will hear good things. We dare you!

Advantage of Working With a Design/Build COmpany

The advantage of working with Kopke, a Design-Build remodeler, is that we produce the best possible result at a lower cost than using separate companies to design and to build your remodeling or renovation project. Kopke gives you a single point of accountability throughout the entire process. With our Design-Build process, you’ll benefit from working with a team that from concept to creation has a single goal in mind – your complete satisfaction.
We pride ourselves on our quality craftsmanship and attention to your budget, style, and schedule. Kopke provides unparalleled service for your remodeling needs, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you on projects large and small.

We Want To Be Your Remodeler For Life

We are confident that after you hire us once, you will never need search for another contractor ever again.

From Wall to Wall, We Do It All

Our hand-picked "dream team" can expertly handle any home-related challenge. We have been in the business for 30+ years, and have seen and done it all.

Add Us To Your Speed Dial

Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority

Absolutely nothing makes us feel better than positive feedback from our customers. That’s why we do what we do! We are fully committed to our client’s satisfaction.
It is our intention to develop a 20-year relationship with our clients. If there is anything we can’t help you with, we will refer you to a Kopke-trusted company or individual.

Failure is Not an Option

With Kopke, you never have to worry. All details are fully explained in plain English. In the case of a hiccup or misunderstanding, measures will be quickly taken toward a resolution.

Full-Service Remodeling​

Major Home Renovations
Kitchen Remodeling and Renovations
Bathroom Remodeling and Renovations
Master Bedroom and En Suite Remodeling
Room Additions and Expansions

Our Proposals are fully detailed

make sure your
remodeling project is
spelled out

Don't be fooled with a company that only has a 1 page proposal
Be careful of the company that hands you a list of subcontractors to use

Kopke Develops detailed proposals
finish Electrical
finish Plumbing Materials
all hvAc work
Cabinets - crown - base - casing
tile - grout - paint
wall removal
permit drawings
complete renderings
one price to fit your budget

selecting the right contractor

bathroom remodel
When deciding to move forward with a remodeling project and selecting the right contractor, a thorough consultation that answers the critical questions regarding the project is crucial to its success and your happiness with the outcome. Although you may be anxious to get things started, getting all the right information you need before you start can save you time, money and prevent needless stress and difficult problems that may occur down the line.
That is why we see the consultation as one of the most important steps for your project. We make sure you have all the information to make the best decision for your investment. We are happy to answer any questions you may have at any time. We are always there for you to discuss your project.