Dave Kopke


Dave founded the company in late 1992, and got everything up and running January 1st, 1993. The first office was at 10 Mile Rd. and Jefferson, in St. Clair Shores. Before creating Kopke, he was a salesperson at another home improvement company for 6 years, earned a BA in Business Administration, and worked in retail management prior to beginning his home improvement career. His current duties include planning the future direction of the company, creating annual budgets, developing manuals for all procedures, and creating standard installation systems for all types of projects. His favorite part of his job is reading customer testimonies. “I get a real kick out of seeing before and after pictures, and seeing customers’ express sincere appreciation for our efforts.” Dave’s professional strengths are many, but they include hard work, consistency, open communication, compassion, and vision. His hobbies include golfing, fishing, investing, reading non-fiction, watching movies, bowling, having bonfires, going on vacations, volunteering, and home projects.