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The Switch to a Tankless Water Heater

After the Great Flood of 2014 left our basement filled with 2+ feet of water, our water heater no longer functioned.  We went over a week without hot water (I showered at friends and family’s houses, Grant braved the cold water) until finally the day came when my dad and uncle (Dave & Rob Kopke) had time to come over and install a new one.  Even though we knew the insurance wouldn’t cover the upgrade, we opted for a tankless water heater because of their many benefits.

The first and most important benefit to us was that the new water heater would be mounted on the wall – higher than the water line.  This will prevent damage to it if we ever had another flood of the same severity, as well as clear up some space in the basement.  The second, and certainly not overlooked, benefit is the energy efficiency.

I had previously never thought about it before, but standard water heaters are in a sense a big pot of boiling water. They keep the water boiling all day, just in case you happen to need it.  That is like putting a pot of water on the stove in the morning because you are going to make spaghetti when you get home from work.  What a waste of energy!

Tankless water heaters heat up water only when it is needed.  And instantaneously!  You don’t have to wait for the water to heat up, and even if you have 7 dwarves showering in succession, you would not run out before Snow White had her chance to clean up.

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