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Sink Options for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Earlier this month, an article was published in the C&G Newspapers about everyone’s favourite basin, the sink! Several contractors were interviewed for the article, including our own Alan Seeley. Read the article here:

An undermount sink commonly is found in the kitchen and helps with food preparation, as everything may be wiped from the counter directly into the sink without getting caught in the sink lip. (Photo by Patricia O’Blenes)

METRO DETROIT — It may not be the sexiest topic when discussing a kitchen or bathroom remodel, but sinks have come a long way from function to fabulous.

Gone are the days when a divided sink was necessary. Multiple local experts agree that bigger is better when choosing a kitchen basin.

“It was primarily you would wash your dishes in one side and rinse them in the other,” said Alan Seeley, general manager of Kopke Remodeling & Design. “But because everybody has a dishwasher and garbage disposal underneath it now, they are getting away from the double bowl and going towards the bigger bowl now.”

Seeley said the biggest trend in the kitchen is a farmhouse-style sink…

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