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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

Mistake #4: Incomplete Research on the Contractor

Remodeling your home is like having guests come to stay for a few months.  They hang around you and your spouse, your kids, your pets.  Would you let just anybody into your home? The more you know about your contractor the better you will feel about having them there.  You need to know they are honest, honorable and competent.

Remodeling can be a stressful time.  The stress can be lessened greatly by knowing you can trust your contractor.  If you research your contractor you can let yourself be excited about the project, and let your worry go.

Following are some questions you should ask your contractor. (We’ve included Kopke Remodeling & Design’s answers for you!)

Company Name: Kopke Remodeling & Design
Address: 38200 Van Dyke Ave. Sterling Heights, MI 48312
Telephone: 586-777-6633
Fax: 586-883-9806
Email: kkopke@kopkehome.com
Contact Person: Kayla Kopke
License Number: 2102112787
Do you carry Workers Compensation? Yes
Do you carry liability insurance? Yes
Will your insurance company send me a copy directly? Yes
Is this business your sole means of support? Yes
How long have you been in business? Since 1993 – in our 21st year
Do you belong to professional organizations? Which Ones? Yes, NKBA, NARI
Do you respond to emergencies? Yes for current and past clients
Will the work be ongoing? Yes
Who do I call for changes and for information on the Schedule? Curt Goebel (interior) or Dale Dexter (exterior)
What is your policy on clean-up? Everyday pick up and weekend deeper clean
What is your warranty? Lifetime Workmanship Warranty – never expires
When are payments made? Progressive
Are your materials new? Yes
Have you done similar projects? Most Likely
May I have a list of your 5 last projects without prejudice (not just “selected” references)? Yes
How do you treat changes? Written change order
Who pays if an inspector requests a change? Depends on circumstances
Do you provide a contract that is clear about what is included and what is not? Yes
How long will my project take? We run very tight schedules