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Our Favorite Bathroom Accessory: Showerfloss

This shower accessory takes flossing to the next level! I am sure you are familiar with the Waterpik, a dentist-recommended way to floss between your teeth, using a thin stream of water at high pressure. I don’t know about you, but this has always sounded like a disaster waiting to happen in my bathroom. Regular flossing never really managed to make the transition from “goal” to “habit” for me either. When our family discovered Showerfloss, however, our lives were changed!

We have installed the Showerfloss system in both bathrooms at my parents house, and at both mine and my sister’s houses. Our mouths look and feel cleaner, and we’ve even noticed a decline in the reprimanding from our Dentists. ????

We’d love to share this product with everyone. We just bought a case of them, and will be giving away a free Showerfloss with every Bathroom remodel until they are gone. How’s that for a fun surprise!

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