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Employee Spotlight: Dale Dexter

Dale Dexter has been working with Kopke for as long as I can remember. He started out as a subcontractor of ours, doing most of our window installations. We asked him to come on board as an employee about 5 years ago, and we made him Exterior Production Manager. Now, he oversees all exterior renovations, and is also still our main window installer.

I’ve nominated him for Employee of the Month because of the numerous customer feedback forms I’ve received lately thanking Dale for his great attitude and expert craftsmanship, among other things.

Kayla Kopke: What sets Kopke apart from other places you have worked?

Dale Dexter: Their concern for the customer and getting the job done right, as opposed to just getting the job done fast and getting the money.

KK: What has been your greatest accomplishment at Kopke?

DD: I enjoy enclosing porches and breezeways with new windows & doors and finishing them off inside and out to make them functional rooms.

KK: What is your favorite part about working at Kopke?

DD: Always meeting new people, that never gets old.

KK: What has been your most memorable Kopke moment to date?

DD: Being awarded the first ever Employee of the Month Award!

KK: Aside from work, what is your biggest passion?

DD: Lately, it has been making my own beer. It’s not an easy process, but the end result is worth the work. I make some pretty good stuff.

KK: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

DD: I always enjoyed taking things apart to see how they worked, then trying to put them back together again. So I always knew I would do something with my hands.

KK: What’s your favorite new device, app or website?

DD: As most people here know, I am not much of a techie. I am not on Facebook or tweeting. I do have a smart phone for work purposes.

KK: What is your favorite thing about living in Michigan?

DD: Up north, I enjoy the Petoskey area, Mackinac, St. Ignace & Marquette. Just being along the water. And the wineries and casinos just add to the fun.

KK: What are 3 things we may not know about you?

DD: I enjoy the Lions, Tigers & Red Wings, all of which have not been too enjoyable lately.

KK: What is one piece of advice you would give to anyone thinking about remodeling their home?

DD: Research! There are so many options and companies out there. You need to choose the right ones for you.