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Home Remodeling Mistake #1 : Design Exceeds Budget

Do not make design decisions before you know whether they will fit your budget.  This often leads to unnecessary and unhappy surprises.  These surprises can be avoided if you have the necessary information and do the proper planning in the beginning stages of the design.

Be honest and open with your designer / contractor.  Make sure they know your goals for your remodel, from budgetary goals to lifestyle goals to aesthetic goals.  For example, let them know which rooms are the most important to you.  If the kitchen is of central importance and you have chosen very expensive countertops, then your contractor may advise you on the bathroom cabinetry that is less expensive, so you can stay within your budget.

Finally, when you make changes, ALWAYS ask how the change will specifically affect the budget – before the changes are mad.e  Don’t wait for the surprise.