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Basic Plumbing Concerns During a Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling a kitchen can transform the look and feel of the entire of home if it is done properly. It is easy for homeowners to get caught up in the excitement of choosing new tiles and finishes, but valid plumbing concerns can often be forgotten or overlooked in the process. While some kitchen remodels are simple and only involve new finishes, others can be more complicated and include relocating sinks and refrigerators, which can require the handling of pipes and plumbing. A professional plumber can advise the homeowner on the best course of action to ensure that their new kitchen not only looks as good as possible but meets all the current code requirements. Depending on local laws, homeowners may be legally required to hire a professional plumber to handle all of their plumbing work.

Some homes, especially older ones that have not been remodeled in a long time, may still have outdated materials. Replacing those pipes and materials with newer versions is a job that may be best left to a professional who is aware of the current legal standards for plumbing materials in a home. Pipes are made of many different materials and which ones to use can be a tricky decision that the average homeowner may not know. A professional will be able to inform the homeowner of any outdated materials or leaks that have gone undetected. Discovering a hidden leak without the assistance of a professional could be problematic and result in a higher cost of repair for the homeowner, as well as delay any remodeling until the plumbing issue is repaired.

When making the decision to remodel a kitchen, rearranging the basic fixtures such as the sink, stove and cabinets can seem like a good idea. Relocating such major kitchen fixtures can actually require serious and involved work that should be left to a professional. Pipes will need to be rerouted and moved completely to accommodate the new location of the sink. If the stove is being moved, the ventilation system will likely need to be adjusted to work with the new location. A professional will be able to ensure that the new kitchen is properly ventilated and meets all local code requirements so that it can pass an inspection.

In almost all renovation situations, plumbing and electrical work must be completed before any of the new finishes are brought in. Hiring a professional plumbing company to handle this will allow the homeowners to start decorating their new kitchen in a short amount of time. Allowing a professional to handle the details of the plumbing work can also allow the homeowner to choose which of those new finishes they want in their new kitchen. If the kitchen is being completely redone, there will be a lot of decisions to make regarding cabinets, counters, and tile work. While a professional deals with the pipes, the homeowner can have fun making the choices that will contribute to the finished product and create a new look for their kitchen.

Since the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the entire house, it is important that a family likes the style and choices that went into creating the overall look. While remodeling can be exciting and fun, leaving the technical details to the professionals can save homeowners a lot of headaches and trouble. A professional can come in and often alert the homeowner to possible problems that will arise during the process of the remodel. Knowing what to expect and being prepared can make the process go much more smoothly if problems do arise. Once the remodel is finished, it will be easier to enjoy the new kitchen with the knowledge that all of the intricate plumbing work was handled by a professional who had the knowledge and tools to complete the job.

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Space-Saving Tips for Your Small Kitchen

In your home, it is in the kitchen where most of the wonders happen. In a way, it is like the heart of your dwelling, serving as a place where you prepare meals for your family with tender loving care. There is always the constant desire to pretty up your kitchen, choosing elegant and tasteful fixtures like quartz tiles, decorating with flowers, artwork and other things that will add color. Chances are, though, that your kitchen may be a little bit too cramped, and the frills of having a beautiful kitchen to prepare delightful meals have been dampened, along with your spirits. Fear not, for no kitchen is impossible to remodel or shake around to come up with some more space.

1. Go for smaller-sized appliances.

Appliances are usually the bigger dwellers of our kitchens, and we tend to think that we are forced to live with them and their bulkiness. One thing to consider when buying appliances is to gun for the smaller models. Take note of the measurements of your current kitchen space and find the appliances that will fit best.

2. Maximize your cabinet space.

Storing things in your available cabinets is never as simple as fitting a square peg in a square hole. Oftentimes, cabinet space is not entirely maximized because it isn’t very easy to stack things up in a way that each square inch is filled.

To ensure that you efficiently get to use your cabinets, explore the possibilities of installing extra shelves or rods inside. If not, you can purchase stackable baskets and wire racks to create several layers inside your cabinets.

3. Utilize your wall space.

Hooks and racks can do wonders for your kitchen, not just because they give easy access to the items you use often, such as pots, pans and cooking utensils. Storing your things using hooks is also a great way to effectively use every available surface. The great thing about using hooks and racks is that you can install them on any surface, whether on your backsplash made of quartz tiles, or simply on your concrete wall.

4. Avoid round containers.

It is usually very difficult to store and stack round food keepers. For practical reasons, and to really save on every inch of space available, it is always best to invest in square or rectangular containers.

5. Think vertical.

If you’ve been focusing too much on squeezing more items into your overflowing counter, shelves and drawers, it is highly possible that you have missed out on another option: vertical space. Perhaps you are at a point where the quartz tiles on your counter don’t get much cleaning because you’ve been storing some items on it permanently, or your drawers house unrelated items already. Sometimes, we tend to stick to the space that we can easily reach, and so we forget that most of the surfaces on the higher parts of our kitchen walls may actually be converted into storage space.

To truly maximize every single usable inch of space in your kitchen, you can consider installing overhead cabinets and higher shelves. If you’re worried about having a hard time accessing the things you store in those areas, the best strategy would be to restrict those storage spaces for items that you do not need very often.

When it all comes down to it, space-saving is truly just two things—keeping everything neat and organized, and creatively putting to use every area of your kitchen. Keeping these tips in mind and coupling them with a regular schedule of general kitchen upkeep, you won’t need to worry about finding space in your kitchen, no matter the size!

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