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Observing Electrical and Energy Safety in Your Home

Electricity is something which we all depend upon to make our lives not only easier, but safer, and more pleasant.  Unfortunately, we sometimes fail to obey the rules of electrical energy safety in our very own homes.  But when something goes wrong, there’s no denying that electricity can also be a little frightening, and sometimes even dangerous.

This usually leads to having to call an electrician to make costly repairs, when by taking a few simple steps the whole situation might have never happened.  Here are some useful tips to help you save on expensive electrical bills, and also to save some worry.

General Appliances

  1. To avoid having to make expensive appliance repairs, be sure to throw away or have repaired any broken or damaged items, including worn or tattered cords, plugs with broken or missing prongs, etc.
  2. When there is a problem, don’t pull the plug out, you must turn off the power before plugging in or unplugging appliances.
  3. Whenever you have to leave your home for long periods of time, turn off all the large appliances such as heaters, air conditioners, even the oven.
  4. Never, and this cannot be stressed enough, keep anything which can easily burn near your heater, stove or even lamps.
  5. Another important no-no is that electrical items should never be used in wet or water-filled areas because this can lead to serious injury.
  6. Lastly, if you require any electrical work or repairs to be done, have a licensed electrician do the work for you.  This is true even for what can be minor work such as appliance repairs.

Energy Safety

Now equally important is energy safety, which includes gas as well as space heaters and water heaters which run on gas.

  1.  Have your gas heater, water heater, space heaters and central heaters checked regularly to be certain they are working okay and not a danger to you or your family.
  2. Do not allow the burners in your water heater or space heater to become clogged with dust or other junk because this will lead to a huge problem and possibly even fire.
  3. Do not use gas appliances for any reason other than what they were made for and the instructions say is okay.
  4. If your heat should go out, no matter how cold it is outside, never use your oven to heat a room.
  5. Always clean your oven often so that you don’t have food and oil spills etc, pile up and possibly cause a fire.
  6. When you are using the stove, don’t allow yourself to have your attention taken away.  If you have to leave the kitchen, then always turn off the burners.  Don’t think it doesn’t matter because you’ll remember.  You can easily start doing something else and forget all about the fact that you were cooking. This last piece of advice might seem simple, but it’s surprising how often people don’t follow it.

All of these ideas are just so much advice to try and keep you and your family healthy when dealing with electricity and energy safety.  But they mean nothing if you don’t take the time to follow them exactly.  Remember, your life could depend on it. 

Author Biography: 

Candace Hubbard has worked as secretary to an electrician and has written many articles on energy safety and appliance repairs.  In addition, she has been a freelance writer on a variety of household topics for six years.