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Countertop Selection Guide: Quartz vs. Granite vs. Corian vs. Laminate

QUARTZ  $$$$

An engineered stone combining natural quartz with synthetic material to create a surface that is nearly indestructible.


  • Non-porous, resisting nearly all stains
  • Antibacterial; can be used commercially
  • Does not require sealant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Consistent color


  • Though heat resistant, not heatproof; hot pads and trivets must be used
  • Integrated sinks are not available
  • Most expensive option


A fine grained natural stone product, granite provides a hard, durable surface in an endless variety of colors and patterns.


  • Waterproof
  • Nearly impossible to scratch or chip, and very difficult to stain
  • Each slab of granite is unique, and adds style to any kitchen


  • Noisy and cold to the touch
  • Requires annual sealing
  • Color may not be consistent
  • Though heat resistant, not heat-proof; hot pads and trivets must be used
  • May require seams


Synthetic materials create a surface that is smooth, seamless and uniform throughout.


  • Can be sculpted into various designs
  • Chips, dents and scratches can be easily repaired
  • Can be fabricated with integrated sinks and backsplashes


  • Cannot be used as a cutting board
  • Darker colors will show nicks
  • Hot pots can inflict damage
  • More susceptible to stains, though they can be buffed out


Affordable and popular, laminate is a synthetic sheet material available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.


  • Resists moisture, impacts, and most stains
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Huge selection of colors, patterns and finishes
  • New flush sinks now available


  • Can burn, fade, scratch and chip
  • Seams and joints are visible
  • Typically requires a top-mount sink

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