The 6 Different Levels of Cabinets

1. RTA (Ready to Assemble)

These cabinets come flat in a box and are ready to assemble (RTA). They are a very low grade, low quality cabinet line offered by many many companies to keep costs down. Even below builder grade standard. Understandably, these are cabinets I would put in a home if I was flipping it.

Image courtesy of the Home Depot

2. Big Box off the shelf cabinets

These come in standard sizes. They are more along the lines of “grab and go, hope they fit”. These cabinets are meant to have one little trim piece on the top. They are massively produced overseas which also helps keeps cost down. You can do what the TV people do and buy the cabinets raw wood and paint them. There is no longevity for looking good. In other words, short term cabinets. In this scenario a middleman company is taking RTA cabinets, putting them together for you, and shipping them fully assembled.

3. Standards

A lot of cabinet companies make the box and they get the doors and drawer fronts from another company. This is why you can’t deviate from the standard width. This is a big bulk of the cabinet companies out there.  In this scenario, general contractors will order cabinets from a supply warehouse that sells basic cabinets and sizes to the contractor which then marks up their costs and sells it to you. 

Image courtesy of R.D. Henry & Co.

4. Custom cabinet manufacturer 

These are companies who makes their own boxes, drawers and drawer fronts. They have their own kniving machines that router out the edges of the doors to give you different style options. You can get custom heights, widths and depths.

5. Cabinet maker

Next is a cabinet maker who comes to your house and builds them custom for you.

6. Amish craftmanship

These would probably be the highest quality you can get.


At Kopke, we order Level 4 cabinets from companies such as R.D. Henry & Co. and that is a big reason why our Kitchens are able to be fully customized to your needs and design style. And why the quality will last the test of time!