Kitchen Design Trend: Two Tone Cabinets

Over the past several years, a majority of our kitchen clients have been opting for two coordinating cabinet colors. Often times one color for the main cabinets (such as white or grey), and one for the kitchen island (such as navy or green). Other times, it’s one color for the upper cabinets and another color for the lower cabinets. Here are some examples:

This is a really cool design trend, especially for those who feel compelled to go bold, but still want to play it safe. An entirely navy blue kitchen you might get sick of in a few years, but a pop of navy on the island will stay exciting and fresh for years to come.

Ann Reiterman in our pricing department had this to say about the two tone cabinet craze: “80% of the jobs I’ve priced out this year have had two cabinet colors. When I’m working on a kitchen with just one cabinet color I have to look through the paperwork again to make sure I haven’t missed an island or anything [laughs]. A lot of times what clients will do is choose a backsplash that ties in the two colors.” This gives our clients and our designers a framework to play around with colors and textures in a really fun way.

Most of the time this technique is utilized in kitchens with painted cabinets. However, wood with two different stain colors is also a very stylish choice. When my Dad designed the functional kitchen / break room at our office, this is exactly what he did. The lighter and darker stained wood combination looks good with black appliances, and stainless steel as well (pictured above in the center).

Hopefully this post inspires you to design the two tone kitchen of your dreams! Our Showroom is conveniently located at 17 Mile and Van Dyke in Sterling Heights if you’d like to stop in and browse.