Meet Our Project Managers: Mike & Tom Richman

Mike & Tom are identical twins, and as you may know, I have identical twin boys of my own. What are the odds of that? Not very high. Today I am interviewing the twins so we can all get to know them better. If you’ve met them before, you already know their unique sense of humor.


Kayla: Do you have a few minutes for a quick interview?

Mike: Sure.

Tom: No pictures though, because we’re ugly.


K: How long have you been working for Kopke?

M: 3 years.

K: That’s not true. You were working here before I was pregnant and my boys are over 3 years old now.

M: Oh wow, I guess it’s been 4 years.

T: 3 years for me.


K: How did that happen? Mike, did you say to Alan “hey I have another guy just like me, do you want to hire him?”

M: Yeah, after Uncle Mike left, and there was an opening for another project manager, that’s basically what happened.


K: How did you get into the construction business? Did one of you start and the other follow?

M: I’ve been doing it my whole life. 40 years.

T: Same, right out of High School.

M: No, you were selling shoes.

T: That was in 10th grade.


K: Is it true that you were separated at birth and Tom was raised by wolves?

T: Yes.


K: How was it growing up with a twin? Did you always do everything together, or did you have separate interests and friends?

T: Separate. It was hard being a twin.

M: Remember when we got in a fight and I rammed your head into a brick wall?

T: No, I rammed your head into the wall.

M: In our class there were 5 or 6 sets of twins and they had to break us up because we were causing too much trouble.


K: Did you ever switch places in school or at a job?

T: Yes – One time I went to Mike’s class for him, and then I saw him waving at me through the little window in the door! He skipped my class!

M: Yeah, but you got an F on the test you took for me.


K: Do you have twin telepathy? How does that help or hinder working together?

T: We do have telepathy – One time in football Mike got hurt and was laying on the ground and I could feel it from the other side of the field.

M: When his jobs are going bad I feel it and go over there and straighten it out.


K: What is your favorite part about working at Kopke?

M: Working with Alan Seeley and gaining his wisdom and business knowledge.

T: Mine too.


K: How often do you confuse customers?

M: Not very often except that one lady. I asked where the bathroom was that we were remodeling and she said: “Don’t **** with me Tom!” I said “No, I’m Mike!” She was a cool lady.

T: We don’t often go to each others jobs. If they come here to the Showroom then yes, they will call us by the wrong names.


K: What are your interests/hobbies outside of work?

M: Woodworking & Hunting.

T: Traveling & Hunting.


K: Other than looks, what is your biggest similarity?

T: Baldness.

M: Humor.


K: What is your biggest difference?

T: Weight.

M: Knowledge; I’m smarter than him.


K: Who was born first?

M: I was born 3 minutes earlier. When Tom was coming out I tried kicking him back into the womb.


K: I have identical twin boys of my own. What is one piece of advice you would give to me?

M: Love them. Be patient with them.

T: Remember each one is a separate person.

M: Later on in life they will decide to separate but they need to be together when they’re young.


Thank you to Mike & Tom for sitting down with me today, even though they wouldn’t let me take their picture and I had to generate one using Artificial Intelligence. Hire us for your next remodel, and you’ll get the pleasure of meeting them for yourself 🙂