The Importance of Not “Overbuilding for Your Neighborhood”

Your neighborhood has an enormous effect on the value of your home. No matter how large, elaborate or beautiful your remodeled home is, there is a maximum house value that your neighborhood will allow. Overbuilding can mean that you will lose money on the sale of your home. If you are going to live in your home forever, then this may not matter to you. However, most people will move at some time, so consideration of your home’s resale value is of primary importance.

Make good decisions in the planning stages of your remodel to eliminate this problem. For instance, if you want expensive granite counter tops, but your house’s resale value does not warrant this expense, you can get laminate countertops that look like granite. There is a wide range of quality materials to choose from today, so it is almost always possible to replace an expensive material with another that will still allow you to have the look and feel you want.

Remember, your home’s beauty is enhanced by its harmony with its surroundings. Building a castle in a trailer park does not improve the trailer park. It just makes the castle less valuable.