What Do I Need for the Initial Consultation?

The most important thing for the homeowner to have is a definitive idea of what they want to accomplish with their project and a budget.

Project Goals: Prepare a list of your goals and priorities for the remodel. Identify what specific improvements or changes you want to achieve, such as increasing storage space, improving functionality, or enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Budget Guidelines: Have a clear idea of your budget range for the project. This will help the designer or contractor provide suitable recommendations within your financial boundaries.

A list of must haves and a wish list are also helpful.

If we are doing an addition you should try and locate a copy of your building plot.

It is a good idea to take a few digital pictures of the house and the areas you are considering remodeling.

Before pictures

You may also want to start a project scrapbook of pictures you find online or in magazines. Color palettes, tile patterns, layout ideas, design styles. Save anything and everything that appeals to you! This will help us get a sense of your taste, and allow us to design a project to meet your needs.

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Questions and Concerns: Jot down any questions or concerns you have about the remodel. This will ensure that you address all important topics during the consultation and gain a better understanding of the process.

In conclusion, for your initial consultation you should have an idea of your budget, your goals with the remodel, a list of must haves and a wish list, a copy of your building plot (if planning an addition), pictures of the areas you want to remodel, and any inspiration materials you have collected, such as magazine clippings, online images, or a Pinterest board. Lastly, write down any questions or concerns so we can address those right away.